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Two Bathroom Blind Options

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When planning window coverings for a bathroom, you need to pick materials that can withstand this damp and humid environment. Here are a couple of blinds options.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds let you control light in various ways, offering the versatility you need for a bathroom. You can angle the slats shut for total privacy or allow daylight to filter inside. The louvres can be made from materials, such as vinyl and aluminium, that withstand the moist environment without growing mouldy. Timber Venetian blinds, on the other hand, tend to warp or expand in the heat. In any case, faux timber options are available that are embossed with wood's grainy texture.

Bathrooms are often compact, and Venetian blinds create an appealing textured look over the windows without adding too much visual clutter and crowding the room. To clean the slats, wipe them with a microfibre duster to prevent dirt buildup. You can wipe the slats with a cloth for a more thorough treatment.

Roller blinds

Another window treatment to consider for a bathroom is roller blinds. If you install a dual model with a filter and a block-out blind, you can manage any lighting situation. To create privacy and darkness for a relaxing bath, you could pull down the block-out blind. These blinds are covered with an insulating coating that protects the window from solar radiation, helping to keep the bathroom cooler in summer. Sunscreen blinds typically provide privacy but do not block out light. Check out the specific model you're considering.

Roller blinds create a minimal look as they sit flat against the window and flush with the wall. If you want to make the bathroom seem larger, match the blinds to the wall colour. Otherwise, create an accent and install, for example, dark navy blinds against beige wall tiles.

Roller blinds are also ideal for creating a sumptuous, lush feel in a bathroom, as they come in diverse patterns, some of which can evoke the softness of curtains. For example, install a fabric with an ornate baroque design in creams, fawns, and blues. Another option would be a striking green botanical pattern on an off-white background. You can choose different designs to match any aesthetic. 

Roller blinds use a large variety of materials, so make sure you select one that can withstand a moist bathroom atmosphere. With many of these blinds, you can wipe them with a damp cloth and pull them down to thoroughly dry out. Just follow the stated cleaning instructions.