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Tips For Getting Rid of Unwanted Rodents

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Rats and mice tend to cause the biggest problem on farms and agricultural centres where there is an abundance of food available to them. Grain silos and storage depots can be overrun by huge numbers of rodents if the conditions are right for them to breed rapidly. However, homeowners in urban areas should not think that rodent pest control is only something that needs to be worried about by farmworkers. If you get them on your property, then they can cause a great deal of damage and you may need to call a rodent pest control professional to help you get rid of them. That said, there are some pest control measures you can take to either prevent them from making a nuisance of themselves or to keep their numbers down. What are they?

Block Entry Points

Rats and mice outside in the garden are not too much of a problem. However, when they get into garages, sheds and homes, this will soon change. The simplest thing you can do to stop them is to block up any potential entry points where they might get in and out. Expanding foam is a good way of doing this in hard-to-reach places. However, in most cases, simply blocking holes with wood is the easiest thing to do.

Store Food Well

Rats and mice enter people's home because they can get to a food source. The contents of your fridge will be safe because this will have a seal around it they cannot penetrate. However, bread that is not stored in a bin or cereals that are held in cardboard boxes present no such challenges. Put your food into jars or tins and make sure the lids go on properly. Above all, sweep your kitchen floor and put scraps into a waste bin that rodents cannot get into.

Set Bait

Whether you choose to use humane traps or traditional ones, rodent pest control will often rely on baits. The problem many people have with baiting is that the food on offer may not be attractive enough. Opt for foods with high-fat content, such as chocolate, peanut butter or scraps of bacon. Pet fresh bait down if what you have laid hasn't worked.

Remove Cover

Rodents like to have cover. If you have overgrown areas next to your house or piles of items that they can scurry under, then you will make your property much less attractive to them by simply getting rid of them. Failing that, you could always try a pet cat instead!