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Benefits of Roof Insulation for Your Home

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Some home renovations can greatly enhance your daily experience, improving the indoor environment in some way without a highly visible effect. Roof insulation is one such upgrade. Once installed, you can't see the insulation, but you'll feel its effects all year long in terms of both comfort and lower energy bills. Read on to discover the benefits of roof insulation in more detail.

Keeps Your Home Comfortable No Matter the Local Climate

Insulation helps you to keep your home comfortable no matter what kind of local climate you live in — you just need to customise it to suit your needs. Some insulation types deflect solar heat away from your home's roofing, hindering it from moving into the rooms below. For example, if you live in a hot northern zone of Australia, all you may require is reflective foil insulation to bounce the sun's heat away. Other insulation types — bulk rock wool and natural wool batts, for instance — are ideal for colder southern areas. Bulk insulation hinders inside warmth from escaping via the roof. Other kinds of insulation work on both fronts, helping both to maintain indoor warmth and to repel radiant heat from the sun. Batts with reflective backing are an example of this type. A roof insulation service can advise on what's best for your local climate and needs.

Lowers Energy Bills

Insulation helps you slash energy bills. For example, minimising solar heat gain with insulation will keep your home cooler and thus reduce your reliance on air conditioning. Your cooling will be working less to achieve a target indoor temperature, as it won't have to counteract so much incoming heat from above. Conversely, during winter, a heater will require less work to reach a particular temperature, as it won't have to neutralise the effect of constant heat escaping via the roof. Additionally, unless you use natural energy such as solar power, by using less energy, you'll be responsible for emitting fewer harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

Is Relatively Easy to Install

Another benefit of roof insulation is that it provides relatively easy access, even post-construction. While access varies depending on a particular building, typically it's relatively unproblematic to get into the roof cavity to install insulation on homes with pitched roofs. Installing insulation in walls, though, can be trickier, sometimes requiring the removal of cladding or plaster. Thus, if you're looking for a way to make your home more energy-efficient, roof insulation is a convenient and efficient option.

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