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Two reasons to keep your new home's carport in place even if you're not a car owner

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If your new home has a carport, but you don't have a car, then you might be unsure as to whether or not you should leave this feature in place. Here are two reasons why you should not take it down.

You could make more money if you decide to rent out the parking space underneath

Lots of homeowners who don't drive but have ample space for parking vehicles on their properties, choose to rent out these spaces to car owners. This can provide a small but steady form of income for these people. If the idea of earning some easy cash in this manner appeals to you, then you should definitely keep your carport. The reason for this is that parking spaces that are enveloped by sturdy carports will be more appealing to drivers who need somewhere safe to leave their vehicles than 'open-air' parking spaces.

This is because a carport will shield any vehicle that is left underneath it from most of the snow, bird droppings, dead airborne leaves or hailstones that fall in this area during the time it is parked there. Due to the additional protection that your carport will provide, you can demand a higher fee for your parking space if you keep it in place than you could if you were to take it down. As such, if you would find an influx of cash quite helpful right now, then you should leave your carport where it is and start advertising the space below it for rent.

You can use it to shield your other modes of transportation

Even if you don't have a car, you could still benefit from the protection that a carport can provide. For example, if instead of driving a car, you use a bicycle or an electric scooter to get from A to B, then you could store this equipment under your carport. Provided you place a sturdy lock on this item, it should be perfectly safe in this area and will be shielded from the worst of any rain, hail or snow that occurs and any bird droppings that land on your property.

Using your carport in this manner will not only ensure that your bicycle or scooter does not consume any storage space inside your home but should also make it easier for you to keep your floors clean as you won't have to roll this equipment's muddy wheels across them in order to store it indoors.

If you're interested in learning more about carports, contact a professional near you.