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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Day Florist

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Flowers take centre stage of any celebration or event and define the desired mood. Whether you want a contemporary, rustic, romantic or whimsical theme, the options are countless. However, choosing the right flowers for any occasion can be a considerable challenge. For this reason, it's essential to find a florist who can create your wedding day vision. 

Determine Your Style

Some reputable florists specialise in lush, ornate centrepieces, while some specialise in contemporary, minimalist arrangements. It would be wise to research online for centrepieces and bouquets that suit your style. Besides, acquaint yourself with the typical floral terms to have an advantage while finding a reputable florist.

Determine Your Needs

Would you prefer a florist who'll design your arrangements, or one who can also contribute to planning your reception and isle? Do you have a planner or a detailed eye for a design already? If so, a regular designer can do in such a case and may be enough. Therefore, you'll need to determine which is the best fit to narrow down on your search and determine your budget. 

Design Your Floral Budget

Flowers and wedding décor should amount to almost 10% of your overall spending. If you adore flowers yet you'd love a grand installation, consider bumping up this number. Ensure you make an account for additions such as breakdown fees, tips and legal taxes. Furthermore, make sure you have a figure in mind when you seek floral services. 

Get References 

You need a florist who's reliable, affordable and capable of delivering what you need. Find someone open to your ideas, with a taste you respect. One of the best ways to achieve this is through word of mouth – find recommendations from newlywed couples, online reviews, as well as local publications. In case you are working with a local wedding planner, ask them for references. 

Schedule an Interview   

Always hire a trustworthy florist to make the right decision. An excellent florist instinctively understands what would look great for your wedding. Hence, it's prudent to set up appointments with your prospective florists in advance. This way, you can assess their portfolio and determine how they can assist you with your wedding. 

Choose a Winner

Finally, always take time to review all the proposals you get to find the right match. In case you have concerns about any elements in the proposals, please sit down and discuss them with your florists. Ensure you're fully satisfied with the plans before settling on any contract.