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2 Essential Features To Include When Creating A Luxurious Outdoor Room

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Australians have a deep and enduring love for outdoor living spaces. Whether it's a deck, verandah, patio or balcony, almost every home has an area to use as an outdoor dining and living space. These days, outdoor living has really been taken to the next level with the rising popularity of outdoor rooms. More than simply an outdoor living space, an outdoor room is more like an al fresco extension of the internal living space.

One of the key concepts to consider when creating an outdoor room is the sense of comfort and luxury the space provides. Here are two essential features that you'll need to include if you plan to carry off the look and feel of a comfortable and beautiful outdoor room.

1. Luxurious furniture

Furnishing your outdoor room is perhaps the most important element in giving it the comfort and appeal of a more traditional indoor room. Clearly, the furniture that you choose will need to be suitable for outdoor use, but that doesn't mean you need to stick to standard outdoor furniture and materials.

Many furniture designers and manufacturers now make collections of ultra luxurious and stylish outdoor furniture. They're made from hardy materials that will withstand the rigours of an outdoor environment, but they embrace a new level of comfort and design aesthetics that will make your outdoor room incredible.

Most showrooms will have experienced consultants available to help you make the best choice for your home. As well as the style of the furniture and the material choices, they can help you choose items that will add colour, texture and visual appeal to your outdoor room. Contact a luxury outdoor furniture consultant designer to learn more.

2. Stunning lighting

In the inside of a home, a great deal of thought is given to lighting plans and the aesthetic properties of light fittings. For a truly luxurious outdoor room, the same level of consideration should be given to lighting the space. Great lighting will create a wonderful ambience, highlight important features and really give the space the feel of a proper room.

There is a wide range of stunning outdoor lights available these days. They not only look fantastic, they're also made to be used safely outdoors, where they may be exposed to moisture. Recessed halogen lights, decorative pendant lights and even striking outdoor chandeliers all make a wonderful addition.

Another thing to consider when planning your outdoor room lighting are the different functions the room needs to cater to. You may like to include a mix of different lights to provide mood lighting as well as brighter lights for dining, reading or working.