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Mistakes to Avoid When Having New Stairs Installed

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Putting in new stairs at home can add to their safety, if your old stairwell was made of wood that was starting to rot or if it was simply too narrow or steep. A new staircase can also improve the overall look of your home's interior and update the space, making a dark corner seem brighter or adding some grandeur to your home's entryway. When you are ready to talk to an installer or contractor about a new staircase, note a few mistakes to avoid in choosing its design and material, so you know your new stairs will be safe and attractive.

Note sunlight

If your stairs will be installed in an area that gets lots of direct sunlight, be cautious about the material you choose. Metal stairs can look very industrial and modern, but a metal handrail that sits in the sun can become downright hot and painful to the touch. This can make the stairs dangerous, if someone were to not be able to use the handrail or were to touch it and flinch at its heat. Glass for the railings can also be very attractive and keep a space from looking enclosed, but that glass might also reflect sunlight and create a glare. To avoid these issues, be sure you note any direct sunlight that your stairs might get, depending on their location.


When choosing the material of your stairs, note if it will have any type of tread to the surface. A highly polished wood may look attractive, especially in a traditional home, but it can also be a slipping hazard! It might even be recommended that you put a carpet runner up the stairs to offer some traction, but you may not like this look. Whatever your choice, avoid anything overly smooth that may cause slipping, and ensure the material you pick for your home's stairs offers some tread or traction underfoot.

Foregoing a railing

Your local building codes may dictate that your home's staircase have a railing, but if not, you rethink going without one. An open staircase without a rail can look very modern and airy, and ensure the stairwell doesn't seem closed off and uncomfortable, but it can also be very unsafe. You may rely on a railing more than you realize when you use stairs at home, and this piece can stop you from literally falling off the stairs. Add at least some type of handrail to the stairs, for your own safety, no matter the size and style of staircase you choose.

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