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How to Add More Hygge to Your Home

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Hygge is a Danish word which roughly translates to 'cosiness' or 'living well'. It's all about creating spaces that are warm, welcoming, and pleasant to spend time in. Think relaxing by a log fire with a warm mug of tea, or curling up in a big armchair with your favourite book.

Incorporating more hygge into your home is the perfect way to make it feel ten times cosier all year round. Read on to find out how to design a home that's overflowing with hygge.

Use warm, soft colour schemes

Hygge isn't about harsh colours or bold statements. It's about the warm, comforting and familiar. Choose soft shades which make you feel calm and relaxed, like light browns, off-whites, soft greys and pale shades of your favourite colours. Avoid too much black and white, and stay away from stress-inducing colours like bright red.

Choose gentle lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in hygge, and candles are considered to be one of the most hygge items out there. If you don't want to live completely by candlelight, don't worry. Making clever lighting choices can create a very similar effect, without the hassle or fire risk. Choose low-wattage bulbs, and opt for multiple lamps around the room rather than one bright overhead light. This allows you to alter the lighting according to your preference. Add cute strings of fairy lights, lanterns, or electronic tea lights to up the hygge factor.

Add lots of soft furnishings

If you're not snuggled in a blanket, you're not doing hygge right. Add plenty of soft furnishings to your home to keep things cute and cosy. Think warm throws on the sofa, blankets at the end of the bed and a stack of soft cushions on every chair. If you've got hard floors, add rugs to make rooms feel warmer and to tie everything else together. Thick curtains are perfect for closing out the cold if you've got lots of windows, and homemade draft excluders are great for doors that let in a chill.

Decorate with nostalgic items

Hygge is all about warm, happy, nostalgic feelings and your decor items should reflect that. Where possible, choose something that's old rather than new, well-loved rather than in perfect condition. This could mean replacing your Bluetooth speakers with an old-fashioned record player, swapping modern wall art for old black and white pictures, or going for rustic, homemade decorations rather than store-bought ornaments. Think about your favourite nostalgic items and try and include them in your home wherever you can.

Want a home that's calm, cosy and welcoming? Follow these tips to get more hygge in your life.