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Don't Make These Simple But Very Common Mistakes When Choosing Curtains

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Curtains are a great choice for any home, as the fabric of curtains can warm up a somewhat sparse room or add softness against stark leather furniture. Thick curtains can even insulate a room so you lose less air conditioning and heating through the year and hear less noise from your neighbours or a nearby roadway. As it can be a challenge to pick out just the right curtains for your home, consider a few simple but very common mistakes you'll want to avoid.

Style of the room

Your curtains will add to the overall appearance of a room, so consider the style you're trying to create in that space rather than just picking curtains that look good in a catalogue. For example, in a dining room you might want a formal and dramatic look, so thick velvet drapes are good. However, if you prefer a summery, airy look, choose linen. This material will billow in breezes that come through the windows and create a very casual feeling. If you need curtains to block out maximum sunlight, but still want that lightweight look, layer sheers together and they will block light without seemingly overly heavy.

Measurement and size

It's not uncommon to hang a curtain rod over the front of the window frame; this might be good if space is limited, but hanging a curtain rod above the window top can make your windows seem larger. This can also give you the space you need to install formal drapes without having them pool onto the floor.

You also may not realise all the sizes of curtains available; for example, if you want smaller window treatments, opt for cafe curtains, which cover just the lower half of the window. These can be good for kitchens or windows behind furniture, where there is no room for the curtains to hit the floor.

Choosing the style

It's not unusual to choose either very plain or very bold curtains and then find that the style just doesn't fit the space. To choose the right look, consider the room where the curtains will be hung, and its furniture and surfaces. In a bedroom, if your bedspread has a bold floral design, choose solid curtains so they don't clash. If your living room has plain leather furniture, opt for a bold design on the curtains to add some style to the space. This will ensure your curtains complement the room but don't look bland and downright boring.