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3 Ways That Awnings Can Block the Sun's Heat During Summer

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Australian summers can get very hot. And all that heat from the sun can lead to heavy air conditioner use, which leads to higher energy bills. And the sun can do a lot of damage to you and your furniture if allowed to shine directly onto your property. Awnings are a potent and attractive way to keep the sun's heat at bay during a scorching Australian summer.

If you want to keep the sun's heat at bay next summer, then now is a good time to install one or more awnings around your home. With the right awning, you can block the sun's heat in several ways.

1. Block UV rays with UV-proof fabric

Many awnings are made of fabric these days, but not all types of fabric will block the sun's rays effectively. If you prefer fabric awnings to other materials, like aluminium, then ensure that you find a supplier that offers a fabric with UV protection. On hot days, when you want to sit outside, you can then avoid harmful UV rays by sitting under your awning.

In addition, fabric awnings with UV protection will also help to protect your indoor and outdoor furniture from UV light.

2. Stop direct sunlight entering your home through windows

A home that has little exterior protection from the sun will heat up due to direct sunlight entering through windows and sliding doors. This will put a strain on air conditioners and raise the energy bill of that home. You can help your home to stay cooler during summer with strategically placed awnings. Awnings will block direct sunlight, helping you stay more comfortable while indoors.

3. Use a light-coloured awning to reflect the sun's rays

Darker colours soak up the sun's heat. So, dark-coloured awnings are better for use during winter when you want to heat your home. But if you want to keep your home cool, use light colours as these will reflect the sun's heat more effectively.

Bear in mind too that aluminium awnings will fare better than fabric awnings in the long run, as they are more durable. So, if your area also experiences extreme storms during summer, consider installing aluminium awnings rather than fabric awnings.

Awnings can create a more comfortable environment around your home during hot summers. If you are tired of high-energy bills due to air conditioner use and you want to add more shade to your property, then consider adding an awning to your home.