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Could a Waterbed Help You Tackle Depression?

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The benefits of waterbeds are quite widely known, especially for people who have a disability or those who are temporarily bed-bound due to an illness or injury. With a soft, soothing surface, they can help people get comfortable when they have to spend long periods lying down, or when preparing to sleep is normally a source of discomfort.

Not so many people realise that waterbeds can also be extremely helpful for people with mental illnesses. In particular, those who are suffering from depression can gain a lot from investing in a waterbed. These are some of the ways a waterbed can help you improve your mental well-being.

Better sleep

Depression can make it difficult to get to sleep, and even when you do, you might typically have a disturbed night with poor-quality rest.

With a waterbed, the extra comfort and gentle motion help you get to sleep faster. And once you do fall asleep, you'll be treated to a much more restful night because waterbeds give you a deeper sleep with more recharging REM time.

Being able to fall asleep quicker—and avoid waking up during the night—makes you feel better overall, which is particularly important when you have depression.

A place to really relax

When everything gets on top of you, sometimes you need some time alone to relax and recharge your emotional batteries. It's not always a good idea to spend too much time in isolation when you have depression, and maximising the effectiveness of your relaxation time can help with this.

Waterbeds are wonderful places to stretch out and spend a bit of time relaxing in peace. Getting away from it all and taking the time to lift your mood can help you feel strong enough to get back to things and tackle whatever tasks are in front of you.

Less overall stress

Stress in your life feeds into depression and makes it far more difficult to manage. It's not always easy to avoid stress, but you can reduce how long it lasts and how it affects you.

A waterbed will help you combat your stress in numerous ways, including the sleep improvement and relaxation time.

Feeling better in the mornings

One of the things with depression is that it can make it difficult to deal with mornings, with little enthusiasm or drive to get up and take on the day.

While a waterbed can't totally transform how you feel each morning, a more comfortable night with better sleep means you'll wake up with fewer aches and pains. You'll also feel less tired, which can make you feel just that little bit more positive when your alarm goes off.