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Dress Up Your Home's Interior With Stylish Doors

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If you're looking for a way to dress up your home's interior, you might consider the doors you choose for each room, as standard panel doors with hinges on one side are not your only option! Different doors can create a certain style in a home even if you don't make any other changes to your decor, and some doors may be more functional for your space than a standard panel door. If you're thinking of making changes to your home's interior, note a few options you have for various door styles.

Pocket doors

Pocket doors slide into the wall rather than swinging out to open. These doors are very good for small spaces, and they also allow you to place furniture anywhere near a doorway without having to worry whether the door will have needed clearance. The one drawback to pocket doors is that they often don't lock, as there is no doorknob with a bolt that slides into the wall. This might be a consideration for bathrooms, bedrooms and any room of the home where you prefer to have a locking door.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are like pocket doors, except that they don't slide into a "pocket" built into the wall. There are a few different styles of sliding doors you might choose; accordion-style doors have hinges between panels, and these fold or stack up onto each other to open. These doors are often chosen for patio entryways, as they can create a larger open area between the home's interior and exterior.

Japanese-style sliding doors have two panels that sit outside the doorway, connected to a track above the doorframe, and these panels open to the left and the right. Barn doors are typically just one panel, also connected to a track above the doorframe, but with a large, exposed wheel, as you would see on a barn. These doors are also good for smaller spaces, as they don't need clearance in front of them for opening.

French and double doors

French doors are two full-size door panels, hinged on the side, which open outward from the middle. These doors can create a very grand entryway and are good for when you want to widen the doorway without having one door panel that is overly wide and awkward.

Double doors are similar to French doors, except that this style usually refers to two panels that are only as wide as a standard door. This can create a unique look for a doorway, but without the same width and grand feeling of French doors.