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Accessories Every Pool Owner Should Have

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With summer being in full swing in Australia, temperatures can be hellish. Therefore, unsurprisingly, most homeowners with swimming pools will try to make the most of al fresco living during these hot months. However, merely having a pool and no accessories to go with it can be a tad dull. There are only so many laps that you can swim in a day to cool off. To ensure that your time at the pool area remains fun, whether you are entertaining guests or not, you should purchase some accessories to boost the excitement of your swimming area. The following are some must-have accessories that every pool owner should pick up from their local pool shop.

Beach chairs

You may have been under the assumption that beach chairs are only necessary for hotels or resorts, but the reality is they can bring a world of difference to the comfort levels of your pool area. Rather than strewing towels on the grass to lie down and soak the sun, you should instead purchase some beach chairs as part of your outdoor pool furniture. Beach chairs are convenient as they offer you varying degrees of lounging, whether you prefer to lie down or lean back and observe the fun. Secondly, beach chairs will keep your body away from any creepy crawlies that you may disrupt when you lay on the grass. Lastly, beach chairs ensure that your towels remain clean rather than becoming muddied by being on the ground all day.

Volleyball set

Another accessory that every pool should have is a volleyball set. Volleyball is one of the most accessible games to play in the pool. Moreover, people of all ages can take part in the fun! One of the biggest pros of choosing a volleyball set for your swimming pool is that it can be adjusted to suit the specific measurements of your pool. Additionally, heights of the goal can be adjusted as needed so that the kids can get in the fun too! Lastly, having a volleyball set provides you with more versatility to get your exercise in rather than simply swimming laps all day!

Waterproof speaker

A pool party cannot be complete without some music. But to enjoy the music, people have to get out of the pool and congregate on the deck so that the electronics are not exposed to water. If you prefer to take the party right with you into the pool, you should buy a waterproof speaker. These speakers come with various options. A favourite is a mountable speaker that you can attach to the side of your pool. However, if you would like even more convenience, curate your music playlist and opt for the floating alternatives that you can place right inside the pool water!