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Unique Awning Ideas to Discuss With Your Installer

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An awning over your home's patio area can provide you with some shade and shelter from hot summertime sun when you're trying to relax outside. Awnings over your home's windows can also provide shade for the interior space, and help protect windows from water damage during a downpour.

While awnings are very functional and a great choice for any home, you may not like the idea of having a window treatment, or any exterior feature on your home, that makes your house look just like every other one in the neighbourhood. To avoid this, note a few unique awning ideas you might discuss with your installer so he or she can help you decide on the right style for your home.


A glass awning is a perfect choice for a modern home, and if you don't want the awning to detract from the home's appearance. The glass can be outfitted with oversized brackets and other accessories, to add a bit of metal to the look and make the awning stand out, or the brackets and clips can be virtually invisible, helping to keep the awning an unobtrusive as possible.

For a very unique touch, you might also talk to your installer about coloured glass. A blue tint can work well against a home with blue or grey siding, while a red tint can add some colour and style to a plain white home. Note your home's shutters or other outdoor features and choose a colour that coordinates, for a very unique but cohesive look to your home's exterior.


If you prefer a very natural and rustic look for your home, note if your installer can use a solid wood panel that is then clipped to the home's exterior. The wood needs to be treated and sealed, just like a wood deck, but it can offer a very unique look that coordinates with a wood fence and other such outdoor accessories.

Curved metal

If you prefer a metal awning, opt for something unique by asking if the metal can be curved around its edge. Aluminium is very easy to cut and fabricate, so even a metal fabricator might be able to make these custom pieces for you, and then an awning installer can clip the pieces to the home's exterior. This curved edge can soften the look of your square windows and also coordinate with rounded patio pavers you may have installed under the area of the awning.