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4 Surprising Reasons to Install Motorized Blinds and Shades in Your Home

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Motorized blinds and shades may sound like a luxury reserved for the rich and famous, but these accessories are actually very affordable and easy to install, and can offer you some surprising benefits that you may have overlooked. Note a few of those here so you can determine if motorized blinds and shades are a good choice for your home's interior.


You may know that making your home look occupied when you're away is a good method of increasing your home's security, but you may not want to deal with complicated timers for televisions and stereos, or waste electricity running those appliances in an empty house. However, motorized blinds can typically be connected to an app on your smart phone or tablet, so that you can raise and lower them remotely. You can then randomly work the app throughout the day, making the home and various rooms seems occupied but without wasting electricity, needing to set a timer, putting wear and tear on your electronic appliances and so on.


Motorized blinds and shades work without cords, so you don't need to worry about children and pets getting tangled in long, loose cords. This also means less risk of the blinds being pulled out of place because of either a child or a pet pulling or chewing on the cord.

Saved money

Having your home's air conditioning and furnace running all day can be very expensive, but if you forget to close the blinds while you're away, or when you're in another room, this can let in heat or cold air through the windows in that room. With a remote controller, you can quickly and easily close the blinds when the sun comes out or when it starts to get very cool, adding to your home's insulation. In turn, your appliances will run less often and you'll save money on your utilities.


You may love the look of clean and simple blinds or shades, especially in a home with modern decor, but you may hate the distraction of cords. You may also struggle to get your blinds to open to the exact same spot, so that they look somewhat jagged and distracting. With motorized blinds, the cords are gone so they don't detract from the look, and you can easily open all the blinds to the exact same height. This makes the look much more attractive in your home and offers the best aesthetics for those who want their window treatments to truly stand out.